Sail Cuba

Sail Cuba

Sail Cuba

December 1 – 9, 2017

Six cabins available, Join us!

Sail Cuba March 17 – 25, 2017 is Sold Out,
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It’s on. Cuba is a unique sailing destination that most Americans have been locked out of, for decades. We have navigated the complex process and are working with our Cuba licensed affiliate to legally explore Havana and the beautiful Isles de Cienfuegos by sail.  The Cuban people are warm and welcoming, the destination is unique, the sailing is Caribbean wonderful.

We are visiting the best part of Cuba in their best sailing season on the newest yachts.  Arrive into Havana and experience this legendary city before it is forever changed.  Included in your sailing vacation package is our organized transfer/tour from Havana on down to in Cienfuegos.  Our sailing itinerary includes Playa Sirena, Cayo Largo, Ballanetos, Quinto Canal, Cayo Rosario, Cayo Estopa, Cayo Sal

The Yachts –  beautiful new sailing catamarans, first come, first served …

  • 2017 Lagoon 450 – two cabins left
  • 2017 Bali 45 – two cabins left
  • 2015 Lagoon 450 – three cabins left
  • 2017 Lagoon 39 & more boats if needed


  • All legally required paperwork for our Cuba Adventure
  • Havana to Cienfuegos Tour/Transfer with meals, room and ride to the yachts
  • Seven days exploring islands of Cienfuegos on beautiful cats
  • Great captains to guide your Adventure and teach if you’re interested
  • We provision the boats with locally available foods for most meals.  And there will be plenty of opportunity to absorb the local culture by dining ashore.

Price & Booking 

  • $5800 for a Couple, own cabin, own head
  • $3100 for a single, shared cabin and head
  • Deposit is $1500 for couples, $1000 for singles
  • Click to see Terms & Waiver then …
  • To confirm your spot pay your deposit through our Cuba licensing agent.  Email CaptainWoody@AdventureVoyaging for invite and instructions.

2017 Bali 45

Bali 45 Layout


2017 Lagoon 450

Lagoon 450 Layout

Basics …
Our Cuba tour/transfer picks up in Havana at 0900, December 1, 2017.  With cultural and food stops, we are delivered to to our hotel in Cienfuegos.  The next day we are driven to the docks.  We board the boats at 1730.  After a week of wonderful island exploration we leave the yachts back in Cienfuegos, 1100, December 9.

The Yachts …
The charter fleet in Cuba is still limited but we have secured Dream Yachts most beautiful pair of new catamarans for this Adventure.  As so much of our time will be spent above decks, the extra deck space of a cat is great for sailing, swimming, snorkeling, dining and chilaxin’.  Our yachts will be sailing together as a flotilla.

What is included …
All of your Cuba legal licensing paperwork.  A tour from Havana including stops and meals.  Hotel in Cienfuegos and transfer to the boats the next day.  Seven days exploring islands by sailing cat, food onboard, fuel, fees etc.  You will have a cool captain aboard tasked with guiding your Adventure and teaching anything cruising you might want to learn.  We provision the boats with locally available food.  And there will be plenty of opportunity to absorb the local culture by dining ashore.

What isn’t included …
Flights, shore dining and entertainment, Havana hotel if arriving early.  Last I checked flights Miami (MIA) to Havana (HAV)  and Cienfuegos (CFG) back to Miami were $300.

How to get there …
Email Captain Woody to get your deposit payment information.  He will put you in contact our Cuba licensed travel agent to legally book your Sail Cuba Adventure.  They can also book additional tours and accommodations if you like.  To check flights from your airport try  Please wait to book your air until we have confirmed your spot.

Highlights …

  • Be among the first to experience Cuba, pre-US tourism
  • Tour from Havana to Cienfuegos
  • Sail roomy catatmarans with fun people
  • Cuba’s primo cruising grounds …
  • Playa Sirena, Cayo Largo, Ballanetos, Quinto Canal, Cayo Rosario, Cayo Estopa, Cayo Sal
  • Sincere people, beautiful islands, Cuban cuisine; we can’t wait!

Availability …
Sail Cuba March is fully booked.  Check our Facebook for play by play.
Sail Cuba December is on, we just booked some beautiful cats.  Big announcement soon but you can book now, email Woody below.

Want to go sooner?  There is another group running a flotilla from Florida to Havana, April 22-29.  Sam has a couple spots left and asked that we let you know … Click Here.

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Sailing Map

Platten Sailing supplying also supplying yachts.