We are full time sailors that put together awesome sailing flotillas for amazing people.  On the side, we make travel suggestions; because we’ve probably been there.  And if we come across a deal, we’ll make sure you know about it.

Travel …
Split Airport is the closest international airport. The airport code is SPU. Passport must be valid 3 months after intended departure.  No test or visa required for US citizens. 
We board the yachts around 1400 (2pm) on June 5. We disembark by 0830 (8:30am) on June 12.

The Marina …
The yachts are at ACI Marina in Split, west of where the ferries go out of. Address: Uvala Baluni 1, Split. Text me (Woody) when you arrive, I will be there. The charter company is also called Sail-Croatia. We are Adventure Voyaging – Henderson.
If you are arriving from Split Airport, an Uber or a taxi can get you to the marina in about 40 minutes. Taxis are about 300 Kuna. Buses also operate from the airport and can get you to the city center for a few dollars worth of Kuna. From there, you can take a short cab ride or a water taxi across to the marina.
A shuttle from SPU to city center is inexpensive and runs on a schedule. Pre book …
The Bus. Line 37 takes you from the airport to the city center for a few dollars.
All of your options …
And see map below.

Covid requirements …

  • Croatia has no Covid test requirements for entry and no health screening at travel centers.  Information taken from Croatian embassy in the US:
  • Airlines.  Check and follow your airline’s requirements.  I quote the current international rules but your airline decides who can get on a plane. 
  • Masks. Requirements vary on international airlines.  A good recent list is here: Please respect mask requirements in some Croatian businesses.
  • US return, international flights, test required as of this writing May 28. State Dept, “a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within one calendar day of travel” or doctor proof that you’ve recovered within 90 days of travel.
    CDC says Antigen and NAAT (PCR) tests are approved. 
  • Testing in Croatia. Split airport, SPU, gives the tests for $60, open 0700-1900.  The base deals with this weekly and may have an even easier option.  A full list of Croatian testing centers is here:
  • Rules can change.  The re-entry test requirement was dropped just before I returned to the US from a British island a week ago (May).  We will help keep each other informed. 

Time …
GMT +2. If it’s noon on the east coast, it’s 6pm in Croatia. Start getting up early ;).

Money …
The money in Croatia is the Kuna. Next best is the Euro, then the USD. You get about 7 Kuna for each dollar US. You can use an ATM at the airport for some quick local cash. Some banks still ask that you let them know what countries you are traveling to. Some restaurants and shops do not take credit cards, you might ask first if that is all you have.

US travel and passport info …
You must have 3 months left before passport expiration from your intended departure from Croatia date.  I bring a paper copy of my passport and other ID. No Visa required for most Western countries. Croatia is level one travel advisory which is the US State Dept’s lowest travel advisory level.

Enjoy! …
We are traveling to Europe, do consider arriving early for adjusting to the time change, or staying after our Adventure. As long as you’ve come this far, you might see more of Croatia, or add another European destination.

Questions …  If you are booked aboard this voyage, ask for Woody’s 24/7 cel phone, works in Croatia, text or message apps is best.

All Sail Croatia info pages …
Sail Croatia Pages

Speak Croatian!
Hvah-lah / Thank you
Da & Ne / Yes & No
Doh-bahr dahn / Good Day
Bohk / Hi and Bye (easy)
Doh-vee jey-nyah / Goodbye (proper)
Moh-leem / You’re welcome (easy). Neh-mah na cheh-moo (proper).
Pahr dohn / Excuse me (easy). Oh prohs tee teh (proper)
Shee vyeh lee / Cheers! Nahz drahv yah
Hear these phrases here: The Basics Croatian
Extra credit, 100 phrases: 100 Croatian Phrases

ACI Marina amenities …

  • 355 berths
  • 30 land berths
  • Reception area – open all year round
  • WC/Showering facilities
  • ATM machine, located outside reception
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Cafe
  • Grocery store and nautical equipment store
  • Boat repair and maintenance shop
  • Boat ramp
  • Laundry facilities
  • Rubbish bins
  • Parking facilties
  • Fuel (100m walk)
ACI Marina! Ask for Sail Croatia charter company. And text Woody.

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