Sail BVI – Questions & Answers

Post your questions in the comment box below.  I will post answers for all here.  Thx!

How much sailing do we do each day?
We usually do an hour or two a day on the BVI Adventure. The islands create a circle that we sail within. This creates relatively flat conditions while still exposing us to good Carib trade winds for great sailing.
Bonus: We have been cleared to do an Anegada run, subject to weather. That sail is 3-4 hours each way. The sail is outside the ring of islands and so will expose us to some of that beautiful ocean swell. People sail BVI year after year and never make it to Anegada. If weather is right, we will be the lucky ones.

Is there a sailing guide book for the British Virgin Islands?  
A great guide to where we are going is Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands. You can get it from our friends at


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