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Sail SVI Voyagers,
We are very excited to explore by sail the vast beauty of the Spanish Virgins. Let’s get you some info.  (More updates coming soon). 

Travel …
The fly-in airport is STT (Cyril E. King Airport) in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI.  For this exotic adventure we will be sailing to the SVI from the USVI.  It is just a dozen miles away. 
We have the yachts for seven days from December 4, 1700 (5pm) to December 11, 1000 (10am).
The base is on the southeast side of St. Thomas.  It is a short ride, about 8 miles from the airport.

Puerto Rico and USVI are on Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4) with no daylight savings.  It’s always good to arrive at a destination a day or so before a sail to acclimate a bit to the time and the culture.  Or stay after the voyage to visit places you’ve learned about.

Flying out.  The yachts will be back at the dock by 1000 (10am) on December 11. 

Airport Transportation …
Updated soon

Hotels …
This will be updated soon. 

Places to stay, recommendations from the base …

Still to come … Crew Questionnaire, What to Bring, Marina and Final Info emails. As always ;), there will be lots of information posted to the site here and you will get emails notifying you of updates.  If you have information that is helpful to our flotilla, please email Woody or Tania and we’ll post it here.

Questions … If he’s sailing, contact (though she might be out sailing too ;).

Speak Spanish!
Yes – Si (see)
No – No
Please – Por Favor (pour fah vor)
Thank You – Gracias (grah see us)
Good Morning – Buenos Dias (bwen ohs dee ahs)
Good Night – Buenos Noches (bwen ohs no chase)
How are you? – Como Esta (ko mo es tah)
Good Bye – Adios (ah dee ohs)
How much – Cuanto es?  (kwan tow es)
Bano – Bathroom (ban yo)
Where is – Donde esta? (dohn day es tah)
Restaurant – restaurante (restaurant ay)
Video and pronunciation of top useful phrases in Spanish,

Attractions & Sights on USVI:

Money is US dollar.  Puerto Rico is a US territory and it’s people are US citizens.  They have a non-voting member in Congress.  The people vote in local elections but not in US federal elections.

More Travel Info …
-US gov info on traveling ‘abroad’,
-Offset your trip footprint. We have already covered you on the yachts.  Offset your flights if you like,
-Travel Insurance if you like.  Do confirm that it covers you properly.  Most only pay if you have a doctors note.,
-Puerto Rico’s tourist webpage, pretty pix,
-USVI’s tourist webpage,
-All of our pages on Sail SVI,


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