Sail Bahamas – What to Bring

OK, raise your hand if you’re fired up for some Bahamas Cruising! Yep, me too. I know some of you are already packing so let’s get right to it …

Do we all have our passports sorted out? Bahamas also requires a round trip ticket to be shown at customs.  State Dept. info, Click Here.

A softer bag is best (wheels a bonus). The boats don’t always have space for the bigger hard case luggage. We joke that if you bring it, you may end up sleeping with it 😉  Travel light – you will not need much! Like the lifestyle, clothing in the tropics is casual.

What to Bring …

  • Passport & return air ticket.
  • Sunblock, sun glasses – polarized if you want that reef x-ray vision, hat with strap – shades head and neck a plus
  • Bring swimwear, 2 or 3 sets works for us with a couple clothes pins for drying on the rail.  Shorts and T-shirts
  • Something nicer for evening dining ashore – light collared shirt (toned down Hawaiian for me), khaki pants?  A blouse/skirt/sun dress for her (whatever women wear always seems to be perfect) .
  • A light jacket or pullover for tropical rain or cool evenings.
  • Your bathroom stuff. Sheets and one set of towels are provided.
  • We go barefoot aboard and wear flops ashore, boat shoes for the planes and in nicer restaurants. Your deck shoes should be non-marking (no black soles)
  • Money: for cabs to and from airport, meals ashore, comfort food aboard, trinkets, and your skipper’s drinks … or not ;).  Skipper tip is appreciated, $50-100 if you thought they did a great job
  • Camera, MP3 player. There is almost always a jack on the boat radio to plug your player in.  If you want to charge/run something onboard, bring your car charger – 12 volts
  • Your water bottle (or cup) for water, juice or rum mix. We get water in the bigger containers for refills
  • Meds:  Customs often prefers you have them in their original container with pharmacy sticker
  • Go online or call credit card companies to warn them you will be charging in other countries
  • Carry your toothbrush, swim gear and any vital medications in your carry on.  If by some unlucky chance your luggage goes missing you will be able to get on with your vacation whilst the airline traces it.
  • If your journey involves a complicated flight plan, label your luggage destination Dream Yacht Charters 242-577-0063, Marsh Harbour Marina, Abaco, Bahamas. There are shopping facilities around the Caribbean.

In the Abaco’s
Abaco life is informal and accordingly, our check-list is small. – swimsuits, a long
sleeve shirt and long pants and a hat for sun protection.  A pair of old sneakers for beachcombing. The dress for eating out is informal, but ladies may enjoy wearing a Bahamian batiked sundress or skirt or wrap.
During the winter months a sweatshirt, sweater or light jacket will feel good after
sundown, and of course, light foul weather gear will come in handy for an occasional
rainstorm.  Snorkel gear is available but your own mask may fit you better

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Captain Woody will start heading toward paradise Oct 24.  Visiting Tania’s farm pre-Adventure.  We will will be checking email daily.  Janeen is also available.

Woody, Tania or  Janeen is also the wonderful voice that picks up when you call the work number 619-796-6398.

OK, you can put your hand down.
See you soon!

Captain Woody



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