October 5-12, 2024

A week long sail through the islands and bays of the legendary Balearics islands. Part of Spain, the Balearics are the center of yachting in Europe. Home to Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera. As we wrap up our cruise, you will have an opportunity to experience the 37th America’s Cup being held in Barcelona, just across the water.

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Travel …
Fly in airport is Palma, Mallorca – PMI. The charter base is right downtown Palma, an amazing city.
After the cruise, our sailors can experience the finals of the America’s Cup. An 8 hour ferry is available or you can take a hopper from PMI to BCN Barcelona. My plan (Woody) is to spend a few days watching the races and visiting the village race camps. Unless it is a sweep, I will be watching the last races from home.
Flight $ tip: At this writing it is cheaper if you book from your airport to PMI with a return flight from BCN back to your airport. Book the hopper (or ferry) PMI to BCN separately.