What to Bring




Packing Tips …

  • Again, passport valid for 6 months beyond intended travel. I like to bring a color copy as a backup.
  • Soft luggage can be easier to stow but all of our cats have a bow space for luggage. Wheels are convenient, mine’s a wheeled duffel.
  • A daypack: a small backpack or waistpack for exploring.
  • A drinking bottle for water (or juice or rum mix). The drinking water we put onboard is in bigger containers for refills.
  • Sunglasses. Polarized if you want that x-ray reef vision.
  • Sunscreen. A hat with strap. One that shades the neck is a bonus.
  • Light-weight boat clothing for the tropics. Walking shorts, cool shirts, sundresses, skorts.
  • Swimwear, a couple pairs is plenty. I bring a few clothes pins for drying on the lifelines though usually there are a bunch on the boats. A sarong or pareu wrap if you like.
  • No swimwear or skimpy stuff in town please. For town and evening dining ashore, resort casual. For him: dress shorts or light pants and a fun collared T. A blouse/sundress for her (whatever women wear always seems to be perfect ;).
  • Light waterproof pullover or jacket for tropical rain (usually evening) or salt spray (not so much on this trip).
  • Comfortable walking shoes or boat shoes for the planes, shore exploring and nicer restaurants. Your boat shoes should be non-marking (no black soles).
  • Waterproof sandals or flip flops for beach landings/islet exploring.
  • Your own mask and snorkel may fit you better than those provided. Fins provided as well.
  • C​amera and music player if you like. There is usually a jack and/or bluetooth on the boat radio to plug your player in.
  • Charging is 12 volt so bring your car chargers for your ‘lectronics.
  • Your bathroom stuff. A small flashlight can be handy.
  • Medication in original prescription bottles with your name on it.
  • Bug repellent for dining out, the wipes travel better. I like Natrapel from Rei or camp stores.
  • Cash for Adventures ashore: taxis, meals, trinkets and your skipper’s drinks … JK ;). Skipper tip is appreciated, $50-100 if you thought they did a great job.
  • Snax, spices.
  • Best to carry your toothbrush, swimwear and any vital medications in your carry on. We’ve had luggage not arrive with people before … but we’ve always gotten it in a day or two.

Provisioning …
We have food provisioning done for us as it saves time and allows an easier boarding day. We order what’s available, basic food for most meals. When we are in da islands, you are encouraged to bring aboard fresh food stuff.

Sheets, towels, tp, snorkel gear including fins; are provided.

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