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The fly in airport is on Beef Island, part of Tortola.  The airport code is EIS.  Many will fly through San Juan, Puerto Rico – SJU.  American Airlines services el Carib.  As does,, and some others.  I usually start searching flights on then fill the gaps with and

We have the boats from noon on Dec 5 to noon on Dec 12.  Most of our group will be staying the 3rd and/or the 4th at the hotel Marias by the Sea (info below).  We like to all meet up in the bar 5pm on the 4th to get acquainted (first round on Adventure Voyaging).  

On the other end, on Dec 12, I wouldn’t book a flight out until at least 3pm.  Remember to stop at the departure tax booth to the left before you go through security.

Travel Docs:
Passport required for British Virgin Islands.  It should be good for 6 months past arrival date.  Click Here for US passport info.  Canadian info Click Here.

The US dollar is the BVI currency.  The airport is tiny.  Take any taxi.  BVI Yacht Charters says, “The rates are standard across the island and you can expect to pay $12 per person, a minimum of $27.”  I say, a good habit when travelling, confirm the price before closing the cab door.  The BVI Yacht Charters is in Joma Marina, Port Purcell, Road Town, Tortola, BVI.  Most of the local people will know where you want to go if you say, “opposite Fort Garden Centre”.

Maria’s by the Sea has enough rooms for all of us. The hotel is on the edge of Road Town, right on the water, not far from the charter base. They have a pool and a nice bar/restaurant for our meet-up. The standard rooms are $130+tx a night. Adventure Voyaging’s price is $120.00 plus 17% hotel tax ($140ish). Their number is (284) 494 2595.  To get this discount or the ones below, mention Adventure Voyaging when booking.  .  

-If you are looking for quiet, high end resort type villa setting, hit up Fort Recovery. They are at the south part of the island, in a beautiful spot on clear water. Doug has cut us a deal … “All of our Villas are based on double occupancy and we can separate the beds no problem. If you have two people per villa the discounted rate would be $99.75 per guest, this is a fantastic rate with the amenities we offer. We can even do a bit better on the individual rate if you would like a quote on our 2 & 3 Bedroom Villas, as low as $93.33 per person.” Book with Doug toll free (855-349-3355) please wait for ring, this is an international 800 number or 284-541-0955. Or email moc.ivbfrus@letohrtf, we will gladly assist you.

-Village Cay Hotel and Marina (remember them?) does have 2 or 3 rooms for December 4th (and 3rd and a bunch for Dec 12). But the rate is $125.00 plus 15% tax. Call Maureen 284-494-2771 ext 214.


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