Sail Cuba – What to Bring


Exploradores de Cuba,
Just 16 days to go! All payments are in. Let’s start packin’.
I sent out Visas and other paperwork. Let me know if you have not received them.


Packing Tips …

  • Tourist card/visa and all paperwork from AC Journeys. Do not discard paper they put in your passport in Havana.
  • Passport with at least 6 months remaining before expiration. Have photocopies.
  • Soft luggage is easier to stow. Wheels are convenient for airports and docks.
  • A drinking bottle for water. We’ll have the bigger water containers onboard for refills.
  • Sunglasses. Polarized if you want that x-ray reef vision.
  • Sunscreen. A hat with strap. One that shades the neck is a bonus.
  • A daypack – small backpack or waistpack for exploring?
  • Light-weight clothing that can dry quickly and easily.
  • Walking shorts, cool shirts, sundresses.
  • Swimwear. Bring a few clothes pins for drying on the rail (often supplied). A sarong or pareu wrap if you like.
  • For evening dining ashore, something nicer. Resort casual. Plus a layer for warmth.
  • Light waterproof pullover or jacket for tropical rain or salt spray.
  • Waterproof sandals or flip flops for beach landings.
  • Comfortable walking shoes or boat shoes for the planes, shore exploring and nicer restaurants. Your boat shoes should be non-marking (no black soles).
  • Your own mask and snorkel may fit you better than those provided. Fins also provided.
  • Camera and music player if you like. Bring a normal 3.5 cable to plug in audio.
  • Chargers. Bring car chargers for your ‘lectronics. 12 volt outlets at the nav station at least.
  • Your bathroom stuff. A small flashlight.
  • Medication in original prescription bottles with your name on it.
    Bug repellent for dining out, the wipes travel better than spray. Often provided and others bring.
  • Cash for Adventures ashore: taxis, meals, trinkets and your skipper’s drinks … jk ;). Euros can save you some pennies on exchange fees. Skipper tip is appreciated, $50-100 if you thought they did a great job.
  • Sheets, pillows, towels, tp, snorkel mask and fins, are provided.

It’s always good to carry your toothbrush, swimwear and any vital medications in your carry-on. If your luggage gets delayed, you will be able to get on with your vacation whilst the airline delivers it. Best to label your luggage destination: Platten Sailing, Marina Marlin, Cienfuegos, Cuba.

A lot of things are rationed in Cuba and many items we deem common are non-existent. Bring what you need and feel free to leave any gear you don’t want to lug home.

Provisioning …
We have food provisioning done for us as it saves time and allows you to chill or explore further. We provide basic food for most meals. Please note that the food selection is minimal. You are encouraged to bring aboard fresh food items when you find it at stops. I understand bringing some dry goods from home is OK. If you cook, do bring your preferred spices, well labelled. Salt n pepper are onboard. Items you have specific plans for, you should keep in your cabin or labelled in the fridge.

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Next up, I’ll send base and arrival info and let you know if anyone’s flights align. And I always try to send an email upon arrival (Feb 27).
If you have any questions (suggestions or corrections), please hit me up!

Captain Woody

Some sound advice from a fellow traveler …
“It is important to note that Cuba tends to be quite different to other areas of the world you may have traveled. Buildings and infrastructure are generally old and may not have been maintained to the highest standard. Elevators, internet and A/C often break down, things happen very slowly and water pressure and hot water can be minimal. Cuba is an amazing place to visit but to fully enjoy and relax, western expectations should be left at home and your sense of adventure should be your guide.”

Customs in Cuba website …

If you have any questions (or corrections), please hit me up!

Captain Woody

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