Enviro Notebook for Livaboard Magazine (2)

As Livaboards, clean water is especially important to us.  We live on it, swim in it and drink it.  We should have a say in how clean it is.

We are living in a fascinating time.  Yes, there is a divide between people in our country over different things.  But there is a place where we come together, time and time again.  We feel strongly about having clean air and water to keep our families healthy and our national treasures flourishing.  Livaboards and shorebound alike want our lakes and rivers and coastal waterways to be clean and healthy – places to enjoy for generations to come.  77 percent of Americans say, “Congress (should) let the EPA do its job.”  63 percent of Americans say “the EPA needs to do more to hold polluters accountable and protect the air and water,”  (source online:  bit.ly/mUoG1Z  and more here: pollingreport.com/enviro.htm).

A Great Battle Being Waged

We are seeing a great battle being waged.  On one side are those of Us who want to keep the air and water clean.  On the other are powerful corporate interests demanding to profit at the expense of our health.  But what can we-the-people do in the face of such odds?  I’ve learned there is a lot we can do.

  1. Check out the website:  www.getmoneyout.com and sign your support.  It returns democracy to Us voters.
  2. How you spend your money determines how companies act.  Defund polluters by not buying their products. When you can, buy natural and organic products.  Some of the best boat cleaners now are plant based (I’ll list some green boat products in a future installment).   Re-use and recycle when you can.
  3. Vote.  And contact your representatives.  Let them know that you don’t agree that corporate pollution is more important than your families health.

From:  http://huff.to/ogrA8R  –  “Water makes up 60% of our body, 70% of our brain, and 80% of our blood; clean water certainly DOES matter. And who can argue against everyone’s right to clean water for swimming, drinking, and fishing?
It turns out that some members of Congress DO take exception to that statement. In fact, Congress lately has been hell bent on eviscerating a hallmark piece of American environmental legislation — the Clean Water Act. This law, which serves as a model for environmental legislation world wide, has been responsible for revitalizing streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, and bays across the nation, including iconic waterways like the Hudson River, which — due to catastrophic pollution — was a national laughingstock in the 1960s. The Clean Water Act is the most effective tool we have to protect our right to clean water. And now the Act is under assault.
You may know that this July, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2018, which would strip EPA’s powers to set national clean water standards and set up a race to the bottom for polluter friendly states to court irresponsible industry. H.R. 2018 is the most audacious attempt by Congress to gut the Clean Water Act and attack our right to clean water. Communities across the country are rallying to ensure the Senate isn’t as short-sighted as our representatives.”
Who voted for this assault on our health you ask?  The list is here:  http://bit.ly/r2SJy3.  If your rep is on it, please contact him/her and let them know that you don’t approve.  To contact your reps go to:  govtrack.us and click on ‘Members of Congress’.  Then punch in your zip code.
Let’s keep our waters clean.  Our children and their children deserve the best we can give them.
Captain Woody – Quality, Balance and a Clean Wake

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