Canals of France – Final Info

Bonjour Adventure Voyagers,

We are looking very forward to meeting up with you all and barging through the French countryside, sipping the wine, nibbling the cheese and baguettes, and enjoying the beautiful scenery! Here are some final details to help get you there.
We will be leaving the USA on May 7 & 8 for a Greek sail, but we will be checking mail as often as possible. Woody will be getting a European SIM card for his phone and as soon as that is up and running, Janeen will have the number, if you have any questions. Also, she will be holding down the fort in California while we are gone.
So, our flights are booked to Geneva, and Tania is arriving in Dole on Sunday, May 19 with the TGV train from Geneva (leaving at 11:45), via Lausanne (arriving Dole 13:58).  If you have not done so yet, rail travel from anywhere can be booked in advance through Rail Europe (1-800-462-2577). They will post you the tickets with UPS two-day express, so don’t wait until the last minute. In Dole, Tania will be staying the night of May 19 at the Hotel Campanile Dole: 
12 Rue J.M. Jacquard
Dole, 39100
We have been invited to board the boats at 14:00 on Monday, May 20. The base is at the Port de Plaisance, Dole, not too far from the train station. Click here for a map:
Woody will be arriving in Dole on May 20, and he will be there to meet and greet, while Tania goes to do the provisioning for breakfasts, lunches and a couple of dinners. If you have any special needs, or would like to get some wine and beer etc., this would be a good time to do so.  
ATMs should be available at the airport and in Dole. You will need Euros for your souvenirs and some meals ashore. Do make sure to contact your credit card company before leaving and let them know where you’ll be traveling, or else they might block your card the first time you try to use it. 
We disembark at 09:00. in Port sur Saone on Monday, May 27. From there, we will be taking taxis to the nearest train station, about 12 kilometers away in a village called Vasoul. Our train leaves at 11:25, changes once, and arrives in Dole at 13:09, where you can catch your train to your next destination. Tania, Woody and some others are booked on the 14:02 back to Lausanne and Geneva.
In case you haven’t seen it, here is some more info about our trip and the region in which we will be traveling:
Both pages are here:
Packing tip: In late spring, the weather and temperatures can swing either way, so plan accordingly, bring layers and some lightweight rain gear. You don’t need to get too fancy. We’re a pretty casual crowd. or hit reply – all goes to the same place.
That should be all for now. Come with a good appetite and ready for some unforgettable sights!
Safe travels and a bientot,
Tania & Woody

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