Sailing Friends

Tania Aebi. Tania was one of the young ocean sailors that originally inspired me to go to sea. Tania and I have organized dozens of sailing flotillas together. I hope there will be many more to come. TASA

Hank Schmitt. Hank is sailing. He puts sail delivery owners with cremembers who are looking for offshore experience. And he has been moving the Swan fleet from NE to el Carib for decades. Mention Woody & Tania and get a discount on Hank’s Spring sailing adventure. SailOpo

Laura Dekker. I worked with Laura on a project in California. Laura takes youths from 8 to 17 to sea for offshore sailing experiences to guide a lifetime. LDWSF

Darren Obrien. Darren and I are friends from the old Latitudes & Attitudes. Darren is your source for boating in the Pacific Northwest. Darren’s Projects

Kevin Herink. Kevin is a friend from my King Harbor days. He runs a really great sailing club in Redondo Beach, CA. L.A. Sailing

Bob Bitchin. Bob and Jody gave me my first ocean crewing experience. Later I worked for their sailing magazine Latitudes & Attitudes. Bob’s Newsletter

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