Canals of Italy – What to Bring


We have a great group for Canals of Italy. Welcome all. We are very excited. This is AV’s third canal cruise, we have done France and Ireland.  We are very excited to be doing legendary Italy and the Venice area in its still pristine (above-water) state.


Packing Tips:
– Passport with at least 6 months validity after leaving the country.  Carry a photocopy with you on trips to shore
– Soft luggage is easier to stow. A daypack and/or waist pack is good for excursions
– Light-weight clothing; shorts, t-shirts.  Estimated 82° highs, 66° lows
– Long pants, nicer shirt or sundress (for the ladies 😉) for dining out
– A fleece or sweatshirt for cooler evenings with light waterproof pullover or jacket
– Comfortable walking shoes, rubber non-slip
– Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat that covers ears and neck, with strap a bonus
– Bathroom stuff. Towels and tp provided
– Bug repellent for dining out, the wipes travel better than spray
– Medications should be in the prescription bottle with your name on it
– A water bottle. There will be larger water containers to draw from
– Leather or garden gloves for helping with the lock lines
– A small flashlight. Small binoculars can be fun
– Cash and credit cards for shoreside excursions
– Sheets and towels are provided

As you expect from AV, we provide basic food provisioning onboard.  If possible, we have the charter company do it for us as it saves time and allows you to chill or spend more time exploring. Please note that our provisioning options are basic. I encourage you to keep an eye out for fun food items, pre-Voyage. Pick up and bring aboard anything that you might want to add. Put stuff for you in your cabin, put stuff for all in the galley. I hear there are small markets in the town of Casale sul Sile.

Equipment onboard:
– 12 volt cigarette lighter (the same as a car). Bring car chargers for all of your gear. We charge the boat a couple times a day though voltage can get low overnight.
– 220v when plugged in ashore (rarely).
– Linen, duvets, pillows
– Towels and tea towels (not beach towels)
– Fridge and gas oven
– Kitchen utensils and cutlery
– Cushions and curtains
– Mooring and saftey equipment, including life jackets.
– Radio and cd player
– Cruising maps (sic) and documentation
Some models have more features and equipment. AV puts a bike on each boat. Clients can separately book other items once at the base: second bike, wifi, lanterns, etc.


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