Pix – Acapulco to Barra Navidad

Not a great shot, it’s hard to keep still even on a cat.  This is vaguely what it looks like pulling into Acapulco.  It’s said to look like a ‘bowl of diamonds’.  It’s a little spectacular.

The port captain always appreciates a visit when you arrive on a boat.  This guy was hilarious.  He wasn’t fast but he was very nice.

Though they said they were full at first, the Acapulco Yacht Club finally gave us a slip.  The grounds are wonderful with the big fountained pool and nice bar and lounge.  There is a boat yard on the premises.  Parts are crazy expensive.

Cruising out of the marina, on our way to Barra finally.  Not really that stressful, just hamming it up.

We dragged Dena out of the galley, her happy place, every now and then to do a watch.

That’s Steve checking out some ‘traffic’.

Pablo enjoying another perfect day on his sailing cat.

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