Pix – Panama Canal to Costa Rica Playas

Some traffic on the Carib side of the canal.  Yacht Transport to Europe?

Golfito, Costa Rica.  Sounds of monkeys and the smell of the jungle.

Chillin’ with my bro’s at Land and Sea

Land and Sea, a friend to Cruisers.  Moorings, shower, movies, cold beers, books, overwater deck, bbq, shop and on, for cheap.

On my walk outside of town I discovered what I call the Che’ Train.

Fueling at Banana Bay, high end fishing marina.

Wondering where all those fuel jugs went?  This is the starboard side bow locker.  And room for more.

This is the anchorage off of wonderful Playas del Coco – one of my favorite stops in Costa Rica.  This day was bumpy.  It’s not usually that bad.  We took a van to Coco from 4 star Marina Papagayo.  It was plush.  This is where Low Key and I anchored for a week in ’05 to pull the motor to remove the prop shaft and have it serviced.  I took it to Liberia, 40 miles away.  That’s also where Bob Bitchin spent the evening in jail during our cruise in ’94 – good times.

Calmly parked in beautiful Marina Papagayo.

The 40′ Leopard under sail off Costa Rica.  Goes nice in a light beam breeze.

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