Pix – Puerto Madero, Tehuanepec and Huatulco

Lovely Puerto Madero, the southernmost port of Mexico.  Though the harbor was thick with effluent, the people were very nice.  Those are vultures guarding my dinghy (off camera).

You find cozy palapa restaurants all over Mex.  In this little weekend spot all the palapas had swimming pools.  I hope it catches on.

The Tehuanepec, arguably the most dangerous stretch of water south of Cape Flattery.  We crossed unscathed and even enjoyed a light air sunset en route.

Marina Chahue in Huatulco – clean, safe, inexpensive.  Huatulco is my favorite southern port in Mex.  Their tag line is “Where the wood is adored”.  It’s a long story.  The area has it all from the nice marina, to beachfront dining to the greatest old school town square in nearby La Crucecita – quaint defined.

Who doesn’t like an outdoor shower – Chahue.

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