Privacy Policy


As we understand it, it is CA law that we disclose how we collect and use information that transmits when you visit our website.  Sounds good.  Let’s do it.  Here are some things they want us to cover …



Information collected from users:

  • How 3rd parties collect personally identifiable information
  • How to opt-out of the collection of information
  • How to opt-out of receiving targeted advertising
  • How the operator responds to “do not track” signals

Our Privacy Policy is thus …
We do not now, nor intend in any future scenario, to collect your information. It is not just that we think that collecting and distributing your information without your knowledge is wrong; it is also because we have no idea how to do it.

The only information that we knowingly collect is your name and email and that only occurs if you send it to us or sign up for our email list.  The only way you will ever hear from us is if you email us directly, or if signed up, you receive one of our very rare email updates.

If you are more web sophisticated than we are and notice some form of tracking happening, send the details and we will jump right in, search out and change whatever settings are the culprit. Please also note that our website host is Canvas Dreams. They just won a ‘Benefit Company’ award for, “… operating sustainably and transparently …”. Note that they are also windmill powered. Seriously.


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