Sail Bahamas – Final Info



Adventure Voyagers,
Just a few more days and we will all be cruising the beautiful water, beaches and islands of the Bahamas. Some of us are en route already.  I am in Vermont now at Tania’s farm.

Tania & I travel on Nov 2nd and should arrive in Marsh Harbor, Conch Inn in the afternoon.  242-367-4000
From the airport, you can take a taxi to Marsh Harbor. If you would like to arrange a transfer from the charter company, that info is on the ‘Travel Info’ page. Click the link below.

Get together …
For those that will be ‘on-island’ Saturday, we would like to start the introductions. First round is on AV at the Abaco Beach Resort, 5:30pm. A map that includes some of the Inns and Abaco Beach Resort is below.

Meet at Dream Yacht Charter…
We start boarding boats at the base, 5:30pm on Sunday, November 3. Please do not arrive too early, board early, or ask the charter base questions; they are busy prepping our boats. Your skipper is your contact.  The fine folks at The Jib Room bar have offered their deck at the top of the Dream Yacht Charters dock where we can chill. Byo coldies, the Jib Room won’t be open.

You will meet your skipper there, or very near, after 5pm. They will be wearing a blue or tan Adventure Voyaging hat. We have Tania Aebi, Zuzana Prochazka, Neil Flynn, and me (Capt. Woody). We spend that first night there. We will depart right after boat checkout Monday am.

Tip:  Call your credit and debit card companies and tell them you will be travelling to the Bahamas so your card doesn’t get blocked.

All of our Sail Bahamas information is on these pages …

Janeen will be in CA during our Adventuring and ready to answer your questions. I will check email when I can. & 619-796-6398 or hit ‘Reply’.

Woody and Tania


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