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We are very excited to be making the final arrangements for our Bahamas Adventure.  If you haven’t booked travel, let’s get you some info …

Do consider arriving early so you can ease into your sailing Adventure.
For booking air online, the airport code for Marsh Harbor, Abaco is MHH.

I just took a quick spin through air booking online for Bahamas.,, got me there and back from Lax for $650 or less.  Bahamas AirSky Bahamas and GoSilver are small airlines that service the Bahamas more locally.

Dream Yacht Charter base is located at Marsh Harbour Marina, Marsh Harbour, Abaco (island), Bahamas.  You can grab a cab at the airport or arrange your transfer in advance through the charter base Tel: 242-577-0063.

We board the boats at 1730 (5:30pm) on Sunday November 3.
We disembark from the boats at 1100 on Sunday, November 10.  I wouldn’t try to fly out before 1300 or later, depending on your travel acuity and sense of humor.

Your papers please
Passport required for the Bahamas for US and Canadians.
Click Here for US passport info.
Canadian info Click Here.

Where to Stay
Our reps on island had two suggestions for rooms …
“Abaco Beach Resort is a larger fancier resort about 5 or 10 minutes from the base.  242 367-2736 –
The Conch Inn is smaller and less formal and is right at the Sunsail base.  The Conch Inn only has about 9 rooms.  242 367-4000.”

Other rooms I found – no guarantee on quality … Pelican Beach Villas, Sea Spray Resort, Jib Room.
If I want independent reviews of a hotel I check  Click for Marsh Harbor reviews.

Did someone say Party?
We like to do a happy-hour get-together for those arriving the day before.  “The Conch Inn’s Curly Tails Restaurant and Bar has a small but nice bar for your party.”  Not confirmed yet, we are waiting to hear on other local favorites.

Bahamian Currency
The Bahamian dollar is at parity with the US dollar $1- $1, for cash transactions the US dollars can be used freely as currency. Other currencies should be changed to Bahamian dollars, which can be done easily at any of the banks.

More info is the tourism site.
Click for other information we have gathered.

Still to come …
We do a Crew Questionnaire.  Any time we update or add to the website information, we’ll shoot the info to you in an email as well.
And if you are super flexible … we have tentatively booked a happy hour at Eric and Kim Stone’s new bar in d’ Keys, FL. But we won’t know if the bar will be ready for business until much closer to our sailing Adventure.

Questions about your booking:
Questions about everything else:

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