Sail SVI – What to Bring

  • Our sailing Adventure is a little ways off. But it’s never too early to start putting together our sailing kit … 



What to Bring, packing tips …

  • A govt ID or two for traveling.  A valid passport is best if you have one. A couple masks for traveling if that’s still a thing :).
  • Soft luggage is easier to stow so you won’t have to sleep with it :).  Wheels are convenient, mine’s a wheeled duffel.
  • A drinking bottle for water.  We get the bigger water containers onboard to refill your cup.
  • Sunglasses.  Polarized if you want that x-ray reef vision.
  • Sunscreen.  Avoid the “Toxic O’s” Oxybenzone, Octinoxate and Octocrylene that damage reefs. TropicSport is natural.
  • A hat with strap, one that shades the neck is a bonus.
  • A daypack, a small backpack or waistpack for exploring.
  • Light-weight clothing, fast drying is a bonus.
  • Swimwear.  It’s good to bring a few clothes pins for drying on the rails (often supplied).  A sarong or pareu wrap if you like.
  • Resort casual shirts and walking shorts, sundresses. A pair of lite pants for evening dining ashore (sundresses still great for the ladies). 
  • Light waterproof pullover or jacket for tropical rain or salt spray.  Something warmer for the plane and if we get a night chill. 
  • Waterproof sandals or flip flops for beach landings.
  • Comfortable walking shoes or boat shoes for the planes, shore exploring and nicer restaurants.
  • If you wear shoes on the boat, they should be non-marking (no black soles).
  • Camera and music player if you like. Bring a normal 3.5 cable to plug into the boat stereo.  A headlamp or small flashlight.
  • Chargers.  Bring car chargers for your ‘lectronics.  12 volt outlets at the nav station. I’ll have USB converters there too. 
  • Your bathroom stuff.  Sheets, towels, tp, snorkel mask and fins, are provided.
  • Medications in original prescription bottles with your name on it.
  • Bug repellent for evenings out, the wipes travel better than spray. 
  • Cash and credit cards for Adventures ashore:  taxis, meals, trinkets and your skipper’s drinks … jk ;).  End of the trip Skipper tip is appreciated, $50-100 if you thought they did a great job (and if you have any money left :).

Also, It’s good to call credit cards to tell them you will be traveling. 

For your carry-on, do consider packing the following …
Toothbrush, swimwear, masks, vital medications. If your luggage gets delayed, you will be able to get on with your vacation whilst the airline delivers it. Best to label your luggage with a destination: Puerto del Rey Marina (Road No. 3, KM 51.4, Fajardo, PR 00738), Dream Yacht Charters. Also print this to show to your taxi driver (most will have made this trip many times).

Provisioning …
As Tania says, “Woody and I have decided to revisit the old-school chore of provisioning the boats ourselves. We always end up with better fresh produce and meats this way, and the list of options the base provided is kind of lame. We’ll also have a car and plenty of time that afternoon, so we’ll be in and out with loads of food and drink. As Woody says: #freeworkout.” We provide basic food/water/beverages for most meals and some treats.  Part of enjoying a culture is dining ashore.  We do an alcohol ‘starter pack’; some beers and a bottle or two.  You are encouraged to bring aboard preferred items from home or town and fresh food items when you discover them in anchorages.  We bring a few of our favorite dry goods from home.  If you cook, do bring your preferred spices, well labelled.  Salt n pepper are onboard.  Food items that you have specific plans for, you should keep in your cabin or labelled in the refer(igerator).
Fellow sailors arriving early may be put to work putting food away :). 

Covid-19 update.  Dates have been shifted to December 2021. Tania and I are keeping everyone updated :).

Tania and I should be ‘on-island’ the day before.  I understand my phone will work there +1.310.357.1070.  Text and email are best but calling is fine.  We’ve a lot of experience helping to solve folk’s travel issues, if any.

Our official boarding time is 1700 (5pm) on boarding day.  They often allow us to board early but please wait for your captain to give the A-OK as you don’t want to delay boat prep.  Charter bases have a place you can drop your luggage if your hotel kicks you out early.  There is no pool at this base :(, but there are bars, restaurants and a grocery store nearby (grab booze and your preferred voyage snax).  
Email Capt. Woody for Charter base info or island cruising guide pdfs.
All Sail SVI info pages can be found here …
If you have any questions (or corrections), please hit me up! We are looking forward to some warm tropical sailing with you all!
Hasta Pronto (see you soon),
Captain Woody

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