Sail Tahiti – Itinerary

Our itinerary is contingent on weather and local activities but we do have a general plan …

We slip out of the base on the top of Raiatea on the afternoon of the 15th.  Unless we have tailwinds to Huahine (unlikely) we will anchor out, nearby the reef entrance, that first night. Then we spend the 16th getting upwind to Huahine. It is about 25nm.  Ferries are reportedly available for those concerned about a slow bumpy day at sea.  This is the wonderful island that most charterers never see.  Some of life’s most amazing experiences require a little effort to obtain.

Our 10 day format should allow for a couple days at Huahine. We intend two nights in front of the Mahana Relais with resort privileges. We have arranged for an amazing dinner and Tahitian dance exhibition at the resort – AV hosting.  The dinner show is scheduled for 6:30pm on the evening of the 17th.

If you would like a land tour of the island on the 17th, sign up through the resort in advance, Click Here.

Our flotilla then sails down to Tahaa for a night off the beautiful motus there.  Followed by a nice sail, 20nm to Bora Bora. We have plans there too, with an evening with our friends at world famous Bloody Mary’s restaurant. This just in, Bloody Mary’s Night is scheduled for May 22.  They are shutting down the restaurant for a private evening for Adventure Voyagers.  Enjoy a group rate on dinner and local music.  There are many varied and beautiful anchorages all around Bora Bora. We will sample a few of them. You will be amazed.  We wrap up with a night by the motus off Raiatea.

See maps below …

Bora Bora tour option.  I got the low down on a great Bora Bora tour operator.  They take you on and offroad to see the best parts of Bora Bora, land-wise.  They have offered us a group rate of $80 per person (down from $100).  The best day for the tour will depend on weather and our anchorage choices.  When we get to Bora Bora we can get a show of hands (over the vhf 🙂 and give them a call.


Maps …


Tahiti, Moorea & Leewards


The Leewards and our likely routes.




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