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We are excited to be making our travel arrangements for our Tahitian sailing Adventure. If you haven’t booked travel yet, let’s get you some tips and info …




TYC Base

The Basics …
If you are not comfortable with booking your own travel, Tahiti Legends has offered to help.  They booked travel for our peeps on our last Polynesian adventure and feedback was wonderful. (800) 200-1213 or (714)374-5656

For booking air online, the airport code for the international airport at Papeete is PPT.  The boats are on the island of Raiatea – RFP.  You will want to arrive at the boats before noon on May 15.  The boats should be back at the dock by noon on May 25.

Handy Papeete airport (PPT) info, including luggage storage during your visit, Click Here.

Flight Booking …
Search from your home airport to PPT.  You will probably need to book the short hopper round trip PPT to RFP separately.

Your flight into Raiatea should arrive by 10:30am on May 15 at the latest.  And your flight out should not leave before 2pm on May 25 at the earliest.

PPT-RFP is a 40 minute flight.  You can book on  Round trip price never seems to change, $356.  They have a few flights a day.  This is the flight I would book sooner than later.  These little planes fill up.

From LAX, the cheapest to PPT is around $1800.  And that was only if we wanted to fly in a few days early or stay later.  And I do!

I often find the best deal from or or one of the smaller services but this day I checked, the best deal was directly from  Other airlines that fly to PPT are American, Air New Zealand, Quantas, etc..  Hawaiian Airlines does through Honolulu – HNL.

Your Papers Please …
A valid passport is required for French Polynesia.  Passport must be valid for 6 months after visit.  No visa is required for US citizens for stays less than 30 days.

Travel Requirements for US citizens …

Travel Requirements for folks from Canadia …

Schedule …
Do consider arriving to paradise early so you can ease into your cruise.

Tahiti is UTC-10, which means 5 hours earlier than the east coast.  Papeete has some cool stuff to see.  I am flying in a couple days early to chill, explore (and check email for your last minute questions).  There are a couple of nice sprawling hotels just south of the airport that we like.  Hotel tips, Click Here.

The center of town for me is the Quai (say ‘key’).  You’ll see cruising sailboats from all over with their attached crew, Med moored to the sea wall.  During the day you can check out the a central, indoor market.  At night they have the Roulette’s (food trucks), with tables for a lively dinner.  Being a tourist island there are jeep tours etc..  And yes ladies, French Polynesia is the center of the planet for black pearls.

Boats will start leaving the dock at Raiatea around noon on May 15.  The RFP airport is one of those tiny, wonderful, open-air deals that smells like flowers, that you only find it little paradises.

Post Adventure, we should be back at the docks by noon on the 25th.  You should easily catch a flight out that is scheduled at 2pm or later.

Airport Transfers …
The base has offered to provide transfers for our folks to the charter base and back.  The base is about 5 minutes by cab.  We will be collecting your arrival info later.

The Boats – Raiatea …
See the map below.  Charter base is located at Marina Apooiti, just west of the airport.

Base Tahiti Yacht Charter – Marina Apooiti, Raiatea
Distance from domestic airport 2 minutes – 1,4 km – 0,85 miles
Distance from city center 6-9 minutes – 4,5 km – 2,80 miles

Tel + (689) 66 28 86 Fax + (689) 66 28 85 VHF 69
Email Service Clientèle / Customer Service email address:
Email Service Commercial / Sales Department email address:

Base manager Bertrand MOISSET
Customer Service Anne Sophie LEBASTARD – Hina EHU – Tamatea RUAHE

Ferrys …
Besides the Papeete to Moorea Ferry, Ferrys are not the most reliable way to get around the islands.  Some Ferry info, Click Here.

Huahine option …
We are doing an 11 day trip so that we can get up to the amazing island of Huahine early and sail downwind the rest of the Voyage.  It is a rare and unusual feat to accomplish on a charter.  Nothing but the best for you ;).

For those that are concerned at all about not feeling well on a leg of the Adventure, this is the one.  It will be a 5+ hour beat to weather; upwind, upswell, upcurrent.  If you sail often at all, it will not be challenging.  Though the ferry does not run regularly, that is an alternative for the saline sensitive.  Another option is to fly into Huahine (stay at a resort?) and wait for the boats to come to you.  There is no guarantee that the boats will make it the first or second day.  If there is very unusual weather, we will cruise Tahaa for a day or two before coming across.  Resort details, Click Here.

Travel Insurance …
For those who prefer there are many options.  Some credit cards offer it automatically.  Read the fine print as most will not cover you unless there is a verifiable medical or other serious issue.  Some options are AllianzTravelex and TravelGuard.  We usually pass on travel insurance so I couldn’t say which is best.

Travel 101 …
For Captain Woody’s international travel tipsClick Here.

More information from a local sources …
Click Here for the Tahiti Guide
Click here for Tahiti Tourisme info on Raiatea

Maps …


Tahiti, Moorea & Leewards


The Leewards and our likely routes.


Areal View of Raiatea, North End





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