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Sail Tonga

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June 20 – 27, 2018


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We were nearing the end of our Sail Cuba flotilla.  It was late as we wrapped up another amazing day discovering the mysteries of beautiful Cuban cayos.  In a glass-calm anchorage around a candle-lit saloon table, my cadre of world class Adventurers contemplated sailing paradises.   I broached the question, “If we could explore any island group in the world by sail, which would they be?”  Dream sailing vacation destinations drifted thick in the air.  It didn’t take long to agree on where we were headed next …

The island nation of Tonga stands out as sailing paradise embodied.   We have chosen the incomparable Vava’u group in the north.  We will experience their exotic and welcoming culture and over 40 snug anchorages, each as idyllic as the last.


  • Seven days exploring islands of Vava’u on beautiful sailing catamarans
  • Cool captains to guide your Adventure and share their skills
  • Yachts are provisioned with locally available foods
  • Crew-the-Cruise happy hour at the over water restaurant
  • More to come

Yachts, Price & Booking 

  • We have 3 beautiful cats, one 4600 and two 4300s
  • Leopard 46, $5900 for a Couple, own cabin, own head.  Sold Out
  • Leopard 46, $3000 for a Single, shared cabin & head.  Sold Out
  • Leopard 43, $5400 for a Couple, own cabin, own head.  Sold Out
  • Leopard 43, $2700 for a Single, shared cabin & head.  Sold Out
  • Deposit is $1500 for couples, $1000 for singles, both yachts
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More info below images …

Leopard 46

Leopard 46

Leopard 46 Layout

Leopard 46 Layout

Leopard 43

Leopard 43

Leopard 43 Layout

Leopard 43 Layout


The Yachts …
The charter fleet in Tonga is limited which is fine with us, we’ll have the islands to ourselves.  We have secured the base’s best catamarans for this Adventure.  As so much of our time will be spent above decks, the extra deck space of a cat is great for enjoying paradise; sailing, swimming, snorkeling, dining and chilaxin’.  Our yachts will be sailing together as a flotilla.

What is included …
Seven days exploring islands by sailing cat, food onboard, fuel, boat insurance, all charter fees, etc.  You will have an easygoing captain aboard tasked with guiding your Adventure and teaching anything cruising you might want to learn.  We provision the boats with locally available food.  Oh, and Fun!

What isn’t included …
Flights, shore dining and entertainment.  Go to our Tonga Travel page for tips.  Last I checked flights LAX – VAV roundtrip were $1800.  To check flights from your airport try and for the international parts

How to book …
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Please wait to book your flights etc. until captain Woody has confirmed your spot.

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What to expect …
Everyone works together on Adventure Voyages. To the extent that you are able … you help with lines, fenders, hoisting, helming, trimming, navigation, mooring, anchoring, etc. Anything you would like to learn, your skipper is there to teach. And if you eat and don’t cook, ‘you ought’ be good at dishes’.  We have brought together an amazing group of vacation sailors over the years.  Most of our clients are returns. We have a wonderful time. 

Tonga and Samoa are two likely sites where the Polynesian culture has been born – here are located the oldest settlements where the ornate Lapita ceramics are found. In Tonga are located several surprising megalithic structures.

Tonga has been renowned for over 200 years as the ‘Friendly Islands’, providing a warm welcome to enjoy sailing in effortless surroundings. The hospitality provided by the local culture filters down through all aspects of this experience. The sailing conditions of crystal clear waters combined with Tonga’s scenery and refuge for humpback whales all add to an experience that will remain with you!