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Was a proper Exploration of a Paradise by Sail.
Some photos are up, more to come!

was December 4 – 11, 2021

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The resort islands between the USVI and Puerto Rico are crazy beautiful. The Spanish Virgin Islands include Vieques, Culebra, Culebrita, Cayo Pena and 28 uninhabited islands.  The sailing is el Carib tradewind fantastic!  The SVI are secluded enough to have only a handful of charter yachts.  In line with our new tack to bring you more exotic sailing destinations, the SVI no longer has charter bases.  Because of our experience, we have secured permission to sail over from the USVI during the best time of the year.   Captains Tania, Woody and one more will be your guides for this week long sailing Adventure.  Tradewind sailing, reef snorkeling, white sand beach bars; who’s in?

December 4-11, 2021.  Time to get back to sailing paradise.

The Yachts …
-Lagoon 45 catamaran,  Sold Out
-Helia 44 catamaran,  Sold Out
-Lagoon 40 catamaran,  Sold Out

Your Cabin …
-Cabin with own head, food onboard $5800 for two people
-Cabin and head shared, $3100 for one person (2ppl in the cabin)
-Deposit is $2000 for couples, $1000 for singles.

Yacht layouts, see below.
Included are all boat fees, taxes and food provisioning.  Fun, circumnavigator captains, there to guide your Adventure. You can helm, trim, navigate or simply chillax.  Travel to and from the boat and purchases ashore are extra.
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To get on the waitlist or ask questions, email Captain Woody for more information … Leave a phone number if you prefer a call back :).

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Our sailing exploration of the SVI has been moved to December 4-11, 2021.  It looks like a go this time ;).
We are sailing out of the USVI to all the best parts of the SVI … and St. Croix if the wind allows.

Captain your own boat with your friends!  We can make that happen, any where in the world, and for less than charter company retail.

Travel is easy from the US.  We will be sailing out of St. Thomas in the USVI to reach our Spanish Virgin Islands.  Airport code is STT.  The base is just an 8 mile ride away.  As always, we have a full travel page with tips for flight, cab and accommodations.  We update the travel page often.  Money is the US dollar in both territories.

From the charter company …
“Sparkling beaches, such as La Perla and Flamenco, wrap around the main island’s forests and towns, and cover the many smaller surrounding islands. With so many uninhabited islands, there’s plenty of unspoiled paradise for you to discover.
Explore the Mona Island, the “Galapagos of the Caribbean”, UNESCO forts and, of course, try the delicious local rum and piña coladas. The SVI has beautiful nature as well.  If you are a foodie, order mofongo, a mound of mashed fried plantains and one of Puerto Rico’s most famous dishes.”

Itinerary, subject to weather and impromptu events …
St. Thomas, a leisurely day boarding the boats and getting settled.  If the boats are ready early we can anchor out.
Vieques, a long downwind sail.  Enjoy her amazing anchorages.
Culebra, Ensenada Honda, Look out for sea turtles. Walk around the town, eat like a local and drink rum.
Culebrita, Sail to the uninhabited wild island, a nature reserve. Eat lunch on Tortuga Beach, a breeding ground for sea turtles and one of six beaches on the island. Make for Las Pelas for overnight anchorage, near Pelaíta, Culebra.
Cayo Luis Pena, offshore Culebra.  A nature reserve but you can swim and snorkel. You’ll find this is less visited and a peaceful haven, but bring your own food as there aren’t any facilities. Head back to Las Pelas for overnight.
Ensenada Dakity, is just inside Ensenada Honda.
St. Thomas. We’ll find a quiet anchorage for our last night together.

We have updated our sailing cats.  We now have a Lagoon 45, a Helia 44 and a Lagoon 40 …

Lagoon 45
Lagoon 45 Sailing

Lagoon 45 Layout

Helia 44

Helia 44 Layout

Lagoon 40

Lagoon 40 Layout


Wuzzup Mofongos!

Captain Woody