May 5-21, 2022. St Maarten el Carib to Newport, RI via Bermuda. Swan 68.

I am very excited to be sailing with Hank, Tania and the captains and crew members of Offshore Passage Opportunity’s 2022 Swan Program. A fleet of Swan yachts will be sailing from St Maarten in el Carib to Newport, RI via Bermuda. I will be skippering one of the 68s. I understand we have a wonderful crew – younger folks, mostly new to offshore sailing. Each year, Hank and his OPO move a fleet of Swan yachts from New England to el Carib and back. They offer crew positions onboard.

I met Hank at the boatshows, back in my sailing magazine daze. Hank runs what must be the US’s largest crew network for offshore sailing voyages. For my yacht deliveries, I have gotten crew from Hank and his OPO, many times. If you are interested in having some Offshore Passage Opportunities arrive in your inbox, consider joining Hank’s crew program.

Not to worry, I’ll be back in time for Sail Croatia in June!

Our intended route
Swan 68 Volpaia
A Swan 68