October 25 to November 15, 2022

This trip was great, see images Click Here.

I have been chosen to skipper on another Sail OPO’s Swan Program voyage. This time north to south; Newport, RI to Bermuda to St. Maarten. Just three Swans this time … and of course the entire NARC and Salty Dog fleets. I will be skippering a 65′. Would you like to go? I understand that my boat is full but Hank may have other spots. Check his site: SailOPO.com/Swan_Program

I met Hank at the sailboatshows, back in my sailing magazine daze. Hank runs what must be the US’s largest crew network for offshore sailing voyages. For my yacht deliveries, I have gotten crew from Hank and his OPO, many times. If you are interested in having some Offshore Passage Opportunities arrive in your inbox, consider joining Hank’s crew program. SailOPO.com