What to Bring

OK, raise your hand if you are excited for your Croatian sailing exploration?
Yep, me too. I know some of you have already packed, let’s see how you did …

Papers in order?  Your passport should be good for 3 months after your intended departure of Croatia. I bring my driver’s license and a paper copy of my passport. More info on the Travel page.  All Sail Croatia pages …
All Croatia pages

What to Bring …

  • It is a Med climate, think 60’s through 80’s.  Comfortable clothes for yachting.  Swimming temps will be mid 60s.
  • Something nice/casual for evening dining ashore.  Light collared shirt, pants/khakis/jeans.  For the ladies … whatever women wear always seems to be perfect :).  Evenings can have a chill.
  • A jacket or pullover for light rain or cool evenings.  Sweater/fleece for layering?
  • Swimwear if you are going in.  It is good to bring a few clothes pins for drying on the rails (often supplied).  A sarong or pareu wrap if you like.
  • Shoes, I’ll probably bring flip flops.  And boat shoes for the planes and in nicer restaurants. Your deck shoes should be non-marking (no black soles).
  • A daypack, a small backpack or waistpack for exploring.
  • Sunblock, sunglasses, hat with strap – shades head and neck a plus.
  • Camera. The ones on our phones are amazing today. Music player, there is usually a 3.5 jack or Bluetooth. A book (or semi-smart device).
  • Electronics. As in most of Europe, Croatia is 220 volt with plugs being the two round prongs (C or F).  Almost all of your device chargers will run on 220v now (read the side).  The boat will have 12v, bring your car charger/adapters.
  • Bring a drinking cup with lid for airports/planes, yacht, exploring ashore etc.
  • Money. For cabs to and from airport, meals ashore, tipping, food bought to bring aboard, trinkets.  The local Kuna is best, followed by the Euro and then USD. Credit cards are not always accepted, ask when you sit down to eat.
  • Medications.  Customs often prefers you have them in their original container with your name on the pharmacy sticker.
  • Your bathroom stuff.  Sheets, towels, tp, are provided. Ask the base for snorkel, mask and fins.
  • Bug repellent for evenings out, the wipes travel better than spray.
  • A couple masks for traveling if that’s still a thing.
  • Soft luggage is easier to stow though both yachts will have some bow space at least. Wheels are convenient, mine’s a wheeled duffel.
  • Tip. Particularly for the local captain. $50 of you thought she/he did OK, $100 if they were amazing (and your budget allows).

It is good to carry a couple extra things in your carry on, I have seen luggage take an extra day to arrive. It has always arrived.

OK, you can put your hand down.
See you soon,

Captain Woody

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